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Allow LM Consulting to build out the digital strategy of your business, organization, or project. 


Shauna Thomas

Co-Founder, UltraViolet

We were able to trust Leslie implicitly to advance our brand narrative, campaign goals, voice, and vision on social media. She very clearly understood how we wanted to engage various audiences and gave constructive feedback and advice that not only made our social strategy and content better for our target audiences but also helped us attract and hire talented staff. Our team continues to look to Leslie’s example online and references her feedback when she worked with our team on how we can communicate our unique value, our values, and our strategy.

Angela Peoples

Co-Founder, The South

We have had the chance to work with LeslieMac on a number of projects and campaigns. There were many positive things about working with LeslieMac but I would say tone thing that stands out is LeslieMac’s ability to dig deep into wide ranging conversations about creative content, training design, program and strategy while also keep track of the minute details and next steps it will take to execute on those brilliant ideas. Leslie way of balancing care, compassion and fun with rigor, discipline and skill has been an example to me and our team. Its how we believe work toward liberation should be done.

Greisa Martinez

Executive Director, United We Dream

Leslie is a visionary that makes radical beautiful dreams a reality by
1) providing clear strategic direction
2) leading with radical transparency and openness
3) delivering the goods when she says she will

Maurice Mitchell

National Director, Working Families Party

For close to a decade I’ve worked closely with Leslie on a number of projects and campaigns. She has consistently leveraged a broad command of skills to deliver high impact solutions at the highest scale of social change work. Leslie’s work on The Frontline allowed the project to build a new digital footprint and establish a vibrant online community and develop trust with that new audience.

Communications Support

LM Consulting offers a wide range of Communications Support for organizations, projects and companies. We work to determine what your needs are and tailor our approach to get you the results you need.


Judith Browne Dianis

Executive Director, Advancement Project

Leslie brings creativity and a deep understanding of movement so there’s no need to waste time explaining the work and the why. She can be trusted to get the work done and it will be on the mark!

Scott Simpson

Managing Partner, Resonance Campaigns

Our whole team at Resonance Campaigns has a long history of working with Leslie to win elections and deliver progressive change. Leslie is a leader, a master communicator, and savvy strategist who brings diverse teams together to speak truth to power and achieve positive outcomes on behalf of her clients. Working with Leslie has allowed my team and me to support the work of diverse, progressive organizations delivering change on issues that matter, like abortion access and equity. Partnering with her has allowed us to produce lasting impacts for elections in states and nationwide.

Nina Smith

President, PoliSol Public Affairs

Leslie is one of the most brilliant, creative communications minds in the progressive movement. Leslie shows up up with ideas and energy to ensure projects are managed to success and that organizations do what’s necessary to meet their goals. Our team has truly enjoyed working with Leslie for the last two years. Together, we’ve helped tell critical stories highlighting the impacts of COVID and really center the work of The Frontline to center care and community in political and civic conversations. She cares about people deeply, and works everyday in service of a better, more just world. I am honored to know and to have worked with her.

Event Production


With over 20 years of event production experience, LM Consulting is able to meet all your in-person, virtual, and hybrid event needs.


J. Damany Daniel

Chief Imaginator, The Event Nerd

Leslie walks into a room (or logs into one) and clearly knows what she wants, expects and needs from the team that’s assembled. She leads with a clear vision that is equally inspiring and challenges you to do your best work. Working with her has consistently been a series of “bringing order to the chaos” moments. When Leslie wasn’t involved in the client’s projects, things went, let’s just say…not quite as well as they should or couldhave. Leslie’s clearheadedness helped the client find direction and clarity.

Podcast Development

LM Consulting is an experienced Podcast Producer that can help you develop your podcast from inception to release.


Jason Saldanha

Chief of Business Development & Content, PRX

Leslie is immensely prepared, patient and 100% committed to success in podcasting. Blackberry Jams was one of the best experiences PRX Productions has had, and it’s largely due to Leslie’s personality and leadership.

RJ Bee

CEO, Osiris Media

Leslie does it all, and does it all well—she’s extremely well-organized, thorough, and knows how to structure a podcast to get the most out of her guests and the topic. She has great attention to detail, is awesome behind the mic, and knows how to get her podcast out there in front of as many people as possible. Not everyone can do that. Leslie also has a unique point of view as a woman of color in a largely male-dominated podcast industry. She has helped diversify not only our offering at Osiris, but is making tremendous inroads within the podcast and music communities

Keynote Speaker /Lecturer

Hire Leslie Mac as a keynote for your next conference or lecturer for your class or group.

Topics include:

Feminista Jones

Writer, Educator, Public Speaker

Leslie is extremely organized and engaging in her work. She is well-prepared and knows her material well. She makes things so much easier because she is easy to work with and comes through. You don’t have to worry about if she will deliver because it’s guaranteed.

Lucy Thompson

Senior Membership Manager, Canvas 8

Yes. Leslie was one of the key experts interviewed for our Understanding Allyship research, and we continue to look back on this foundational report in our ongoing research. Leslie also joined a webinar as an expert panellist, she’s a fantastic speaker and delivered a lot of simple, actionable recommendations for our clients to take away with them.

Group Facilitation Services

Hire us to facilitate your next team gathering. We work with you to determine ideal outcomes and goals for your time together and develop a schedule that helps make those a reality. Included are extensive conversations before the gathering and a wrap-up summary of the work post-engagement.

Justice Gatson

Executive Director, Reale Justice Network

Leslie was very accommodating to our needs and made each participant feel welcomed and heard in the space. Leslie led some organizers through difficult conversations around accountability in a way that didn’t shame people, rather empowered them to want to be in a better space and correct past mistakes. The team has since deepened their commitment to being held accountable, recognizing that it is truly an act of LOVE when someone actually takes the time to give correction. Because of this, organizers have been able to create true safe spaces for ourselves which allows us the freedom to dream, build and nurture the seeds that we’re planting for our liberation. After working with Leslie the team has deepened their commitment to being held accountable, recognizing that it is truly an act of LOVE when someone actually takes the time to give correction. Because of this, organizers have been able to create true safe spaces for ourselves which allows us the freedom to dream, build and nurture the seeds that we’re planting for our liberation.

Christina Rivera

Founder, Called To Justice

The liberation lens that Leslie brings to all her work is transformative. The way she is able to translate that lens for different audiences without losing the integrity of the message is exceptional. Her care and concern for the lived experience of the team and the working team environment that she builds is absolutely extraordinary.Our team at Called to Justice has learned that we can be unapologetic in putting people first…before profit, before artificial deadlines, before anything else we can center the needs of the human beings at the center of our work and lives. And in doing so we’ve grown our business and thrived in our newfound professional freedom.

Professional Coaching

Whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth or a team aiming for exceptional results, our comprehensive coaching services will empower you to thrive in today’s dynamic and demanding environment. LM Consulting understands the ever-evolving nature of the digital world and the challenges it presents. Our tailored coaching approach ensures that you receive the specific skills and insights needed to excel in your digital endeavors.


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